• Oxygen colorimetric analysis test tube

    Dolphin Brand DO-HX-0.1 Model Oxygen Test Tube is based upon the principle of
    microanalysis by colorimetry. (color developing agent which gives pink color is reduced
    to color less by a specific technology. This substance reacts with dissolved oxygen in
    the water to turn into a substance with a color which can be compared with a graded
    color comparison tube set which gives the soluable oxygen content of the water). It is
    one of the oil field injected water quality test tube series which is first manufactured by
    the Ministry of Petroleum Industry in our country. It has been used by Daqing, Shengli,
    Zhongyuan, Xinjiang Oil Fields, etc and is appraised and approved by the users.
    This product has higher quality of sensitivity and accuracy. Its lowest detectable
    content is 10ppb (0.01ppm)which iodometry is not able to do. It is an ideal high-speed
    instrument, which is simple and convenient to operate, for field operation in testing soluable oxygen content in water.

    Test range: 0-0.1ppm
    Production validity: 1 year
    Package: 30 pieces / box
    Storage conditions: room temperature, dark storage

    It needs to be used with standard colorimetric tube for oxygen measurement.